INDEX is a leading company in Georgia, providing customers with a full range of high quality furniture, lighting and interior and exterior decoration elements.
The name INDEX are well known for their elegance, taste, distinct lines as well as the quality of the products and their service. Our clientele consists of architects, interior designers, as well as of a large number of individuals. After several years of experience, INDEX can guarantee the best products from leading international brands. Collections that are constantly renewed and additionally the fastest and impeccable service

Mission and Philosophy

Functionality... Design... Comfort... We believe finally everything goes to sense. That is why INDEX's first priority is Emotion, what people feel using our items.
Our task is to help the customer to purchase items that combine the usefulness and comfort of the object with its beauty in order to get the perfect item for him.
We believe that it is possible for our inner absolute comfort and the aesthetic beauty that surrounds us to always be in harmony.
With us, you will not only buy a single item, with this item you will have to get the comfort and emotion that this item brings.
Our main goal is to create many beautiful houses in which people will live in maximum comfort.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts will guide your project from discovery, to purchase, to delivery and installation.
Our project managers permanently attend our brands' education as part of our ongoing professional development program.
We are proud to be stable partners of leading international brands in Georgia.
We love and know what we do.
We will find the solution, no matter how complex your request.
Our task is to make you satisfied not only with the short term but also with the long term enjoyment of your purchase and the result of our joint work.

The Showroom experience

The beginning of every successful project is a visit to our showrooms. Our goal is to bring You into the world of a beautiful space of authentic living. Whether you prefer, a single piece of design item or the full specter of elements for your house or project, our showrooms are perfectly updated to bring you the most tup-to-date ideas from the international trend scene.
Among the services we have developed in this direction, we are proud to be able to test 3D photorealistic designs. Thanks to this service we can captivate every detail, even textures of textiles as they will actually look in your own space.


Our Costumers and their reviews
Most of our customers buy from us based on personal recommendations and our data shows that they always come back when new requirements arise.
We take great pride in our consistently excellent relationships with our customers. in our consistently excellent service and the hundreds of 5-star reviews that we receive. We have a long list of clients who would be happy to speak with you personally about their experience with INDEX. Let our customer reviews help you make your decision.


"We love what we do"
If you spend some time surfing through our website, you'll see that statement appear, many times. We love design, we love the creative process, we love the wonderful people we get to work with across Italy and the rest of the world and we love working with our clients. We forge great relationships with our clients and the large majority of them recommend us.
Whether you're simply looking for an interesting modern designer dining table or you're embarking to create a complete project, it's important to know who you are dealing with..

Sale and after-sales service
Our high-quality products, price range, selection process with high-level experts, free architectural, design, and decoration service, fast delivery, and fitting services with exceptional training fitters offered in combination with favorable financing terms and various payment options with personalized solutions makes INDEX non-competitive in the local market.

Carefully selected for You...

For many years we have carefully selected our brand and product list. We work with the most reliable, service-oriented brands and designers and we're proud to bring you only the best on the market.